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  2. Barbed Wire Bracelet - Silver - 7.5 Inches[8-B097-75]

    Price:  £19.99

    Barbed wire bracelet crafted from fine silver leather and sterling silver. Punky, spiky, and crafted by hand in the Gothicstyle workshops. The silver barbed wire leather wraps three times around your wrist and is finished with sterling silver endcaps and a secure silver clasp. This bracelet is for a small guys wrist or a medium girls wrist.
    Barbed Wire Bracelet - Silver - 7.5 Inches
    This item is exclusive to Gothicstyle and is handmade by us.
    All our gothic jewellery is backed our cast-iron guarantee which we have used since we started back in 2003 - if you don't like your Barbed Wire Bracelet - Silver - 7.5 Inches or any of your gothic jewellery that you purchase from GothicStyle you can return it to us for a no-quibble refund.