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  • The Latin inscription reads: 'All things change and we with them', the insert mirror revealing the horrifying face of the future. Hand cast in England from finest English pewter. Comes on a high quality black leather 32 inch (762mm) lace, with English pewter fittings, including a length adjusting T-bar fastener.

  • The midnight kiss of the vampire. Blood-red crystals drip seductively from the fangs betraying the fate of another. Darkly beautiful. It comes on twin black ribbons and is fully adjustable for length. Handmade in England by Alchemy from the finest English pewter.

  • A heavy pewter choker chain necklace incorporating a deadly and menacing highly polished razorblade. This gothic necklace is handcast and handmade in England by Alchemy from the finest English pewter.

  • During the Penal Times, the period of Catholic persecution in England and Ireland between 1540 and about 1731, this easily hidden single-decade rosary (10 x beads), or ring rosary, was worn as a pendant for secretive devotion. The cross is inset with Austrian crystals. This gothic pendant is handcast and handmade in England by Alchemy from the

  • A lock-caged heart and the skeleton key to its undoing. The heart is red crystal and beats beneath the ribcage. The necklace is double-strand. One strand beaded, the other soft cord. To give you an idea of size, the rib-cage measures approximate 37mm wide. Handcast and handmade in England by Alchemy from the finest English pewter.

  • Oathsworne passion from now into immortality. A giant Swarovski crystal heart with crimson punctures from a vampires kiss. This gothic necklace comes on a red satin ribbon. Handmade by Alchemy of England from the finest English pewter. The heart measures 35mm wide.

  • A stunning gothic necklace with ornate crystal-set wings, a heart inset with facing skulls and a magnificent black crystal below. Complete with chain. To give an idea of size, the crystal at the bottom measures about 5cm tall. This gothic necklace is handcast and handmade in England from the finest English pewter.

  • Creatures of the night in a dangerously playful mood. With giant white crystal moon. This gothic necklace is handcast and handmade in England from the finest English pewter. Please click for the larger image which shows the full length necklace.

  • The profile of a stunning, anonymous young 19th century beauty. An encapulated highly polished pewter silhouette against jet black enamel. Decadently framed with a black chain swag and swarovski crystals and black enamel caskette droppers. On black ribbons. To give an idea of size the oval part of the cameo measures 32mm tall. Handmade by Alchemy

  • Behind the chic and seductive mask lies the promise of guile and duplicity. Set with translucent blue and red enamel and festooned with Swarovski crystals. Black ribbon ties and easily adjustable to fit any size neck. The mash measures approximately 8cm wide. Handmade in England by Alchemy from finest English pewter.

  • Dragonfly stone, the lure of the clear crystal water to this beautifully ephemeral creature parodies all love. Set with Swarovski crystals. This gothic necklace is handmade by Alchemy from the finest English pewter and comes on a chain of appropriate length. The necklace measures approximately 11cm from the top of the wing to the tip of the largest

  • Opulent gothic choker made from two purple organza ribbons and finished with sterling silver and a silver adjuster chain. Beautifully ethereal and wispy and delicate. The choker is fully adjustable from 41cm to 46cm for a perfect fit.

Gothic Jewellery

Welcome to Gothic Style - the gothic shop with a massive range of gothic jewellery at some of the lowest prices around and all with our money back guarantee since we began back in 2003.

Some of our most popular gothic jewellery ranges are gothic crosses and crucifixes, gothic pentagrams, mystic gothic symbols, daggers and weapons. We even hold stock of silver bullet pendants just in case of werewolves!

by GothicStyle

We stock most of the Alchemy range of gothic jewellery and are always sourcing iconic one-off pieces of special gothic interest. If you want to see the latest additions to the gothicstyle crypt then just click here and browse around. Just remember to close the tomb when you are done.

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