Pendants - Devils & Demons

The devils and demons pendant range features dark and brooding pendant designs from the succubus demon who preys on mortal men during the nighttime hours to the gargoyle protecting his jewel.

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  • A gothic dogtag necklace in solid stainless steel and featuring a reversed pentagram design. The dogtag is highly polished steel and measures 21mm wide. Really nice weight and quality. The reversed pentagram - said to be a sign of the Devil - is diamond-etched into the steel using precision-cutting technology for a superb finish. We even include an

  • The demon awakes. A skull with huge curving horns. Highly detailed. The Skull of Azrael measures 40mm wide and 32mm tall and comes on a chain of appropriate length. This gothic necklace is handcast and handmade from fine English pewter by Alchemy of England.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items