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What better way to keep your secrets safe than with one of these stunning pendants? The orthodox icon pendant has a beautiful, intricate design which will open to reveal your loved ones images, whilst the mortalitas skull locket will allow you to store some of your darker sins!

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  • Photo locket in the authentic, classic style of an Eastern Orthodox Church icon, with brass hinges and fasteners. To take two 20mm x 30mm pictures.

  • Gothic coffin memorial locket for the dearly beloved. With an insert bronze door-cross, and hinged doors revealing a window to take a cut-out photo.

  • Classic Victorian brass-hinged, ivy-covered and jewelled memorial stone. Inscribed IN AMORTA R.I.P. to secret away an image of your beloved. This gothic pendant is handcast and handmade in England by Alchemy from the finest English pewter and comes complete upon a nickel-free chain of appropriate length. The Gravestone Locket measures 33mm wide

  • A naturalistic heart locket that, when opened and beneath the blood-red enamel can be read a poignant quote from Edgar Alan Poes story of the same name. The beart locket measures 35mm tall. Black velvet choker with an adjuster chain for length. The tie for the locket is black satin. Handcast and handmade in England by Alchemy from the finest

  • The Egyptian god of creation, Khepri, rolls the alternative black sun forever over the horizon of Akert. A locket to display a personal image of the coming of redeeming light. Set with glittering rows of Swarovski crystals. This gothic locket closes with a magnetic clasp and comes on a nickle free chain. The locket itself measures 70mm tall.

  • From Venezianos c1515 painting of Lucrezia Borgia. Her pendant, embellished with skulls and featuring a secret stash compartment at the back which fastens with a magnetic clasp. Comes on a chain of appropriate length. Measures approximately 50mm wide. Handcast and handmade in England from the finest English pewter.

  • The Black Book. A brass-fitted, pewter Medieval missal of a chained tome to secrete-away the priceless photos and cuttons of the dark and private life. Set with black enamel. The locket measures 44mm tall and comes on a nickel-free chain of suitable length. Handmade in England by Alchemy from finest English pewter. Click the larger image button

  • This necklace has a hidden locket in the handle of the pistol. The bold ladys secret. Beauty and craftsmanship so delicately fused to conceal deadly intentions. The pistol is 2 tone pewter with a brass-inlayed locket cover. The handle cover moves back to show the hidden locket. The necklace combines Swarovski pearls and a pewter-mounted burgundy

  • Highly intricate and ornate pomander locket. Pomanders were used in the Middle Ages to carry perfumes and herbs for protection against pestilence. Crafted in sterling silver the locket is hinged at the centre to allow the top to open. The locket measures about 23mm tall. Shown pictured on a sterling silver curb chain.

  • A beautiful gothic locket made from sterling silver. The front is cut with an ornate filigree design. The locket measures about 17mm wide and is shown pictured on the optional sterling silver curb chain.

  • A magnificent sterling silver skull locket with articulated jaw and an opening skull. Inside the skull is a secret cavity to store your secrets. The silver is Hallmarked. With the jaw hanging open as pictured, this wonderful gothic locket measures about 32mm from the top of the skull to the tip of the jaw. Shown pictured on the optional silver curb

  • Crafted from polished sterling silver, our gothic handbag locket has filigree detailing and a central cross. Unclasp the top and inside is a space for secrets. The locket is 17mm wide. It is photographed on the optional sterling silver curb chain.

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items