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These ancient folklore symbols of dragons and serpents are intricate and cleverly designed. Made in fine English pewter, these snake and dragon necklaces come supplied on thongs of fine English leather. With the amazing abilities that only pewter offers, these stunning pieces are a bonus to any discerning collector of gothic jewellery

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  • Symbol of the obscure, medieval, mystic order and holders of arcane and ancient magical powers. This gorgeous gothic pendant is handmade in England by Alchemy from the finest English pewter and comes complete upon a nickel-free chain of appropriate length.

  • In Northumbrian folklore a Princes daughter is turned into a seething wyrm-dragon by a bitter witch and is only released from her curse when her father returns from abroad to kiss the monster, restoring her youthful charms and condemning the witch to become a toad. The dragon section of the necklace measures 95mm across and the necklace ties with

  • A metamorphic snapshot of the moment when the bastion of Orthodoxy fell to the dragon of the infidel. Two-tone pewter with an antique gold-effect cross. This gothic necklace comes on a nickle-free chain of appropriate length and is handmade by Alchemy of England from the finest English pewter. The pendant measures approximately 66mm tall.

  • Guardian of the ornate entrance to a gothic sanctum of Otherworld spirits. The wing is articulated and moves independantly of the dragon. The dragons tail is set with an emerald Swarovski crystal. This gothic necklace is handmade in England by Alchemy from fine English pewter and comes on a nickle-free chain. The dragon measures 74m head to tail.

  • The Hebraic Eve was the first and, conquering temptation to the all too fallible will of man - Edens leveller. Thick luxurious black satin rope and set with glittering swarovski crystals. The rope measures 1cm wide. The necklace closes with a cleverly hidden clasp in the jaws of the snake. The snake head part measures 70mm long and 23mm wide. The

  • A shameless personification of Woman as the Original Sin - the irresistable temptress to the eternally and hopelessly beguiled male gender. The serpent coils evocatively around a massive Swarovski crystal. This gothic pendant comes complete with a chain and is handmade by Alchemy in England from the finest English pewter. Measures 68mm tall.

  • Primitive ferocity unleashed. The dragon skull pendant measures 55mm tall and comes on an antiqued chain of appropriate length. This gothic necklace is handcast and handmade from fine English pewter by Alchemy of England.

  • The badge of a ruthless and self-determined warlord. This sword and snake pendant is handmade in England by Alchemy from fine English pewter. The pendant comes on an adjustable black cord necklace. The sword measures 85mm long.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items